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Custom Couple Bobbleheads, Anniversary Gifts, Personalized Happy Couple Bobblehead, Custom Couple Christmas Bobbleheads We are the best choice, Trust us, we are the best gift of all 1.High quality material, we use a non-toxic, colourful and deformable material - polymer clay, which can make your bobbleheads look very vivid, that's the point we can change and adjust the bobblehead pile many times. In addition, our bobble heads will not fade and rub off. Many sellers use cheap polyresin to make bobbleheads and paint them from head to toe which makes it very rough. 2. After placing your order, please send us your photos. Please send us the following information (a clear frontal photo of all five features and a picture of the desired costume). You can give full play to your imagination to design the pose and details of the character; 3. Please choose the character's hair, eyes and skin colour from the last attached picture (choose hair colour, skin colour, eye colour and send the message). 4. When the character's head is finished, we will send you the photo via SMS for confirmation. Please check it carefully. Once completed, the torso is directly finalised. The modification and confirmation process is not possible. 5. If I don't find the model I want, how do I choose? Costume changes and posing are free of charge. If you can choose the body pose but don't like the costume, you can choose a similar one and write down the change request in the message box and we will make the bobblehead according to your request. 6.Can I change the small accessories on the model? The small accessories on the bobblehead hand can be replaced, free of charge, if you need, you can leave a message or send a picture to me. Custom bobbleheads and personalized cake toppers and figures never go out of style and are perfect for any occasion or theme. Whether it's a Valentine's Day wedding, engagement, birthday party, or just for that special "he" or "she" in your life. We can handcraft immortal artwork in the image of any bride and groom, friend, co-worker or family member. I will make every moment a gift of a lifetime filled with fond memories based on the photos you provide. 1. About the product Material: polymer clay Weight: about 200g-300g, single person. Height: The normal head shake height is 6.5 to 7 inches. You can customize special size according to your needs. Diameter: Single diameter 2.6 inches. Production time: 3-7 days, if it is urgent, please contact us to make another arrangement. 2. You can customize any gift you want 4. Order process and modification confirmation time 1. Please be sure to select the specifications (skin color, hair color, eye color, clothing style color, etc.) and the positive film you want to make, and submit the order to us after leaving a message. You can contact us via the Etsy message box. Photos should be clear and well-lit. You can also provide multiple for our reference. Include your phone number and name for easy delivery. 2. After receiving your message, we will reply in time and confirm with you. If the response is delayed, please understand that I may be too busy to check the message in time, but we will get back to you within a minimum of 12 hours. 3. After placing the order, you need to reply to us within 24 hours so that we can confirm whether the information you provided is incorrect. If you do not reply to our message after 24 hours, we will consider the information you provided to be correct and start production. 4. Production time: 3-7 days (excluding modification confirmation time) 5. About order modification: We will send you the photos of the first draft sculpture before the final confirmation of the work. Please confirm within 24 hours if the sculpture still needs changes and improvements. Please consider this step carefully and do not change it after confirmation. . 5. Delivery time and mode of transportation Delivery time: about 7-15 days, but each region is different, we will arrange delivery for you as soon as possible. We generally choose express transportation solutions such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc., to deliver the goods to you at the fastest speed. The logistics of shipping to each country has its advantages and disadvantages. I will choose the most suitable, safest and The fastest transportation route according to the situation. Thanks for browsing and ordering! Consultation information: hello Place an order and send me some pictures and confirm: 1. What is her face and posture? 2. Which picture is her hair in? 3. What color and style are the clothes? 4. What are her shoes and pants? 5. Please tell me your express phone number. 6. Confirm your address and deadline. 7. What is a bridal bouquet? Let me know if you have any questions thank you very much I hope everything is well for you best wishes
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