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14K Solid Gold Eilat Stone Ring,Blue Green Solomon Stone on a Striped Gold Band,Natural Teal Gemstone from Israel,Eilat Stone Handmade Ring

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A stylish, modern 14k gold Eilat Stone ring. The ring is divided into four segments filled with natural blue green eilat stone and solid gold between each.
The National Stone of Israel, also known as "King Solomon's Stone", originally mined in Southern Israel, is characterized by shades of blue and green created by the copper minerals embedded within the original rock.
As such, no two stones are the same - the stone's colors and patterns vary depending on the particular stone used and the way it was excavated.
These one of a kind ring are a combination of history and fashion, from one hand king Solomon Stone and from the other hand modern stylish design.
This will make a detailed and precious gift for a very special person to last for a lifetime!
- We offer optional laser engraving inside the ring for an additional fee of $80
- You can add a personalised message, name, verse or any option of your choosing, (you are able to select this option in variations).
The jewelry will be packed in a gift box and includes a certificate of authenticity.
Ring width: 5 mm / 0.19"
The colors of the Eilat store may differ slightly from the photo, because it's a naturally mined stone, Since no two stones are identical in their mineral composites, no two stones are exactly alike.
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