PRODUCT DETAILS Product Specifications : Product number : TG092300047 Color : Black Material : Polyester Cord Length : 9.5 cm Width : 3 cm Thickness : 10 mm (per piece) Weight : 2 g (per piece) Contains : 3 PCs MRP : 375.00 Description : Black braided decorative toggle frog closure is great for fashion, unique dress, or any other clothing projects. It features a black polyester braided cord loopy design with braided frog knot closure. These black frog closures are decorative braided fastener that also adds function to many sewn clothes & fashion accessories. It is a type of ornamental braiding closure made out of cord, consisting of a button knot for a traditional oriental style & a loop, it is used to fasten garments without creating an overlap. Its purpose is to act as a fastener as well Accessories, Buttons, Suits, Design, Collar Shirts, Mandarin Collar Shirt, Black Braids, Blazer Suit, Loop