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Graphs of Proportional Relationships Google Forms Homework Assignment

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This 12-question, self-grading, digital assignment for use with Google Forms + Google Classroom provides students with practice exploring proportional relationships within graphs. Questions 1-6, ask students to determine whether or not the situation (graph) represents a proportional relationship or not. Questions #7-12 are all proportional relationships and ask students to write the equation for the graph, in the form "y = kx". This section is multiple-choice.
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Can this form be edited? Yes, you may add or delete questions on your copy of the form, as you feel fit.
Can I be refunded individual Google Forms if I purchase the bundle later? Yes! You may request a refund on items purchased individually that are also included in a bundle, as long as the bundle is purchased within 1 year. Let me know if you need help with this.
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