a gray and white rug with horizontal stripes
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A waterproof outdoor mat made of recyclable materials100% recyclable polypropyleneFlatweave (5mm thick)Slight variations in size due to loom allowance The CollectionDress up your lawn with our glamping mats. Equally at home in the backyard, beach, and the wilderness, these cleverly woven mats are made of completely recyclable polypropylene, which means you can celebrate the outdoors while also taking care of it. Like a low profile rug, these minimalist pieces are waterproof and easy to move, perfect for outdoor get-togethers and excursions.The DesignThe way these are woven give them an all-over stripe pattern, adding a subtle visual interest. Peryle has four large stripes divided by thinner in-between stripesThe MaterialPolypropylene is a synthetic resin which is spun into fiber that's tough, lightweight, and flexible. It's also recyclable, preventing the need to create new traditional plastics from taxed resources. Recycled polypropylene can be turned back into clothing, speed bumps, trash cans, and dishware, to name a few. The best thing about this rug is that the backing material is also 100% polypropylene, which makes the rug fully recyclable: most polypropylene rugs contain other non-recyclable materials.The MakerOur partner in Turkey, began as a small family-owned weaving house over 50 years ago with only two looms. Today, they're recognized as an award-winning leader in weaving technology, even making their own yarn for their various types of textile production.The DesignerOur in-house, all-star design team works across Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Mumbai. Starting with the weave itself, they determine the collection material, technique, and mood. When designs are finalized, they collaborate with the supplier on an extensive sampling process, perfecting each style and hue before it goes to production. Clean regularly with vacuum.Rotate on occasion to ensure even wear over time.In case of spills, use an undyed cloth to blot the stain, followed with mild soap and water, but be sure not to rub it, or use chemical cleaning products, which might damage the fibers.Do not dry clean or steam clean.Professional cleaning recommended every 1-3 years, or in case of stubborn stains.
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