Meet 'Lola', your super colorful digital planner that will get you happily on track in no time!  This planner was carefully developed  for ADHD adults. It's simple, yet the most functional planner you will ever have! and it will have you kicking goals as soon as you start using it! Plus! it's UNDATED, so you can start using it at anytime for as many years as you want! Plus!it comes with enough digital stickers to make it your own!  WHAT YOU'LL NEED? * A tablet (like an ipad) * A stylus (example, an Apple Pencil) * A PDF annotation app (like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, etc)  WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE? 1) A digital planner PDF 2) 10 Planner sections (see below for details) 3) A folder with pre-cropped, ready to use individual stickers (over 300 digital stickers, see below for details)  PLEASE NOTE: the Weekly Planner, Planner Sections, Planner Calendar, Planner Template, Planner Tabs, Functional Planner, Planner Pdf, Digital Planner, Routine Cards