a coffee mug with grapes and other fruits on it
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Style : Frosted Glass Mug
Our frosted glass mug is our most versatile option. The 10-ounce mug is a perfect choice for tea, coffee, and cocoa as well as grogs, toddies, and mulled wines. The 16-ounce mug is styled as a beer stein and is ideal for a cold pint of brew. Whatever your size or style, your beverage will shine through with a frosted glass mug, making the perfect gift!
Available in 10-ounce or 16-ounce
+ 10-ounce: 3.2” D x 3.8” H
+ 16-ounce: 3.4” D x 4.5” H
Hand wash recommended
Sturdy construction from frosted glass
White areas of your design will not print – they will be transparent, revealing the beverage inside
Meets FDA requirements for food and beverage safety
Printed on demand in Reno, NV
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