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Trash to Treasure Boxes - large and small - Large

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We're passionate about turning trash into treasure, especially when it comes to crafting! Since we assemble all of our embroidery kits in-house, we have boxes and boxes of leftover fabric pieces that just keep piling up.
There's no way we'll be able to make enough scrap projects to use them all, so we've assembled fun boxes of Trash to Treasure items for you. These are all "seconds" items: not good enough to sell in the shop, but too good for the garbage can. Along with over 2 pounds of fabric, you'll get embroidery floss, ribbon, drawstring bag(s), leftover kit bundles, and even a finished embroidery kit!
Large box - 6lbs of crafty potential
Small box - 4lbs of crafty potential
Each box includes a variety of the following items (varies based on availability):
2-4 pounds of scrap fabric (lots of large squares and strips along with scraps and misprinted pieces)
Handful of embroidery floss
Ribbon (pre-cut and/or a full spool)
Drawstring embroidery bags (Stitch'n Hedgie or Knitty Kitty - slight misprints)
Felt scrap pieces
At least one finished embroidery kit (these hoops were made for stores back in the day to have as samples - $40 value)
And more surprise goodies!
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