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two women with face paint sitting in a car next to each other and one is eating an ice cream sundae
two people dressed as avatars sit on benches with swords in their hands and look at the camera
AVATAR/ reaction to y/n
Реакции по аватару 💙 Т/и человек, во всех реакциях. #разное # Разное # amreading # books # wattpad
a person with blue paint on their face and body sitting in the hood of a car
a man with a skeleton on a scooter in a room full of toys
two people in pink outfits standing next to each other with their faces painted like aliens
Tsireya & Lo'ak ♡
a group of people wearing blue and green face paint standing in front of a street
blue guys
two people are in a hotel room playing video games on the bed and another person is standing next to them
Avatar meme
a man is sitting at a piano with his head on top of another man's body
Lo'ak & Neteyam ♡
a man in a robe and head scarf standing next to a tree with his hands out
headcannons for my Avater human tweets (discontinued)
a man with blue paint on his face is holding a baseball bat and crouching down
Hot BBG 🥵🔥
a person with a large head and long hair is walking in front of a screen
some people are sitting in chairs with blue paint on their faces and one is eating
Avatar meme