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a poem written in chalk on a blackboard that says, short prayer to calm my mind
Short Prayer to Calm my Mind
In moments when thoughts whirl and peace seems distant, this short prayer is a sanctuary for a restless mind. It's a humble request for tranquility amidst turmoil, asking for a calmness that only divine presence can provide, to still every anxious thought and to bring serenity to our hearts. Seek quietude in this divine embrace. Read more prayers to calm your mind at Grace and Prayers.
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prayer for a sense of purpose in life
15 Effective Prayers For Clarity And Focus
Are you seeking prayers for clarity and focus? Then we hope these 15 effective players will help you focus and see clearly all aspects of your life! Click to read all prayers for clarity and focus.
a note with the words to do list on it
145 Great Inspirational Thought For The Day
an image with the words god, you are worthy of all my praise i'm grateful that no
a poem written in white on a blue background with the words prayer, i want to see
a poem written in the style of a cross with an ornate border on it that says,