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7 Layer Salad


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This was a staple from Granny every year, and I always spaced on taking notes. Super pumped to find a close match!
My nana made this every year but I kept forgetting to write it down. So glad I found something that comes close to hers!

Frozen Fruit salad

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Pudding Fruit Salad

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Pull out that red checkered tablecloth and get to celebrating all those summertime recipes! This Cucumber Shell Salad is a fresh-from-the-garden taste that the whole picnic-loving family will enjoy! Tender pasta shells, crispy, vine-picked cucumbers, and spry, red onions, all melting in a lake of adored ranch salad dressing... this is just what your no-ants-allowed gathering has been longing for! Cucumber Shell Salad is a refreshing addition to any meal any time of the year, so don't wait for

Cucumber Shell salad

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Cucumber Grape Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing | Grapes from California

Cucumbers & Grapes salad

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this easy salad is so good | Fritos, salad, corn salad | this easy salad is so good y'all, everyone loves this fritos corn salad! | By Kristin's Friends

Fritos Corn Black Olives

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The best part about going to grandma's house is she always spoils us with something sweet, and it's usually our Mimi's Orange Salad! It's a sweet and creamy gelatin dessert that we can't ever get enough of. While she likes to treat us, she always takes care of us, too, so she sneaks in some citrusy mandarin oranges, tangy crushed pineapple, and sugary banana slices to make sure we have something nourishing. Our visits are a little bit sweeter because grandma always has her beautiful and bright M

Orange Fruit Jello

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Tuna pasta salad healthy

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Print Friendly Version Who doesn’t love a super crunchy, veggie-loaded salad with sharp, tangy cheese and creamy dressing? This boasts all of these qualities and is, hands down, one of my absolute favorite salads. What’s more, this salad was created by me. It’s unique. So when you make it, chances are, there won’t be ten…Read more →


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It's happening: the pasta salad that tastes like pizza. Pizza Pasta Salad has creamy mozzarella, spicy, meaty pepperoni, and all the classic toppings of green peppers, banana pepper rings, and olives. The sauce is a homemade Italian dressing, with all the tang, herbaceousness, and smoothness you'd expect. Pizza Pasta Salad is faster than any delivery and tastier than just about any other pasta salad. Now your barbecue can have pizza with its hamburgers without fear!

Pizza Pasta Salad

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20min · 4 servings


 • Cooked shrimp
 • Celery
 • Pimento stuffed green olives
 • Mayonnaise 
 • Red wine vinegar 
 • Lemon juice
 • Garlic salt
 • Dry mustard
 • Paprika
 • Fresh parsley and dill
 • Lemon
 • Leaf lettuce

Shrimp salad

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Cold Seafood Salad

Crab salad

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7 Up Salad

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Banana Fluff

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Quick & easy cherry dump salad with only FOUR ingredients - dump it all in a bowl and stir together and voila! Crazy delicious fruit salad :) (gluten free)

Cherry pie filling salad

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Circus Peanut Jello salad

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Overnight Fruit Salad

Overnight fruit salad

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Olive garden salad recipe

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Where do you go when you dream? Perhaps to a tropical island, with sapphire waves lapping nearby and white sand beneath your feet? Creamy Pineapple Dream can whisk you back to that place, no airfare required. The tangy and sweet fruit mixes with coconut for the full tropical taste, and with fluffy marshmallows and cream for that cloud-like dream flavor. Throw in a little crunch from buttery pecans and Creamy Pineapple Dream becomes the dessert of your dreams. Dream a little dream of this!

Pineapple salsa recipe

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Pasta salad with tortellini

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Super Italian Chopped Salad

Italian chopped salad

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German cucumber salad

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Cauliflower side dish

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Easy Mandarin Orange Salad

Mandarin Orange

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Orange Creamscicle

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