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Two Weeks To Live
Two Weeks To Live streaming now on SBS On Demand
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D&D Character Concept: A sentient reanimated skeleton (of any race & martial class) that found themselves among many nonsentient ones. They have no recollection of who they are, with 1 or 2 mysterious trinkets with no name (can be determined by DM), and have an odd soft spot for something typically considered "pure" or "innocent", often going out of their way to keep it from harm (ex. Will take time trying not to step on any flowers whilst traversing a meadow, go out of their way to aid misfortunate children, etc.) - emotional ties to such things or people who show them kindness, that it emotionally damages them whenever something happens to them. - iFunny
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Rachel Denton ✨ on Twitter
[ART] Roland Rye, Oracle Of The Drunken God. : DnD Anime Characters
[ART] Roland Rye, Oracle Of The Drunken God.
[ART] Roland Rye, Oracle Of The Drunken God. : DnD
an image of a woman with cats on her shoulders
Arquivos Gabriel Picolo - Burn Book
Você já deve ter ouvido falar do Gabriel Picolo, um ilustrador Brasileiro que ficou famoso por uma série de imagens dos Jovens Titãs, que inclusive virou tendência de cosplay na CCXP. A grande novidade é que o Gabriel acabou de confirmar em seu twitter, que terá a oportunidade de trabalhar oficialmente com o grupo de heróis. Ele fará uma nova série da equipe para o selo DC Ink, focado no público de jovens adultos. #GabrielPicolo #DC #Titãs #JovensTitãs #Picolo
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Heroine Images: Photo
an image of a woman with fire coming out of her pants and wearing a mask
Entei, Mingchen Shen
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회과육 (@___hg6) on X
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