Designer Inspired Bags

DIY kits for top designer inspired bags & handbags, eg Inspired Crossbody bag, Inspired Tote Bag, Inspired Saddle Bag, Inspired backpack bag, Inspired shoulder…
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DIY handmade Roulis bag. A made by you leather bag is one-of-a-kind luxury too!
DIY summer bag! Blue Evelyn bag leather kit for summer vibe
Super soft inspired Evelyne bag made by POPSEWING kits
Handmade inspired saddle bag, classic style!
Handmade Evelyn mini for a customer. Hot pink color, perfect for spring
DIY Green bag for Christmas
DIY Evelyne Bag kit in customized khaki color.
DIY a mini Evelyne bag Personalized M not H at the center.
How to make a quilted leather bag at home? Try this genuine leather DIY bag kit! For starters.
Inspired lady Dior bag DIY kit. Make your own bag easily with POPSEWING DIY kits
Difficulty: Easy All materials included. Online tutorial video
Recycle an old Dior dustbag into a real bag!! No more waste again. 🥰
Difficulty: Easy No paper bag recycle this time. Use high quality leather kit to make yourself a stunning new bag at home! Easy for beginners. • Order DIY leather kits on POPSEWING store
Easy to make a Hermes Kelly bag at home 😌 with Popsewing diy bag kits! Beginner friendly!
Make your own bags at home with Popsewing DIY leather kits! Make thoughtful Christmas gifts 🎁 • Store: • Amazon store: POPSEWING
Make a Jypsiere bag under $100! Easy to make with POPSEWING DIY bag kits. Just enjoy sewing fun!!
Shop these beautiful DIY kits on our store • Site: • Amazon / Shopee store: POPSEWING
Luxury Herbag DIY leather kit for beginners. Make yourself a luxury leather bag with our bag kit.
The leather bag kit includes: • Pre-cut & punched leather pieces • Sewing tools • Video instructions • Visit to order! • Amazon/Shopee store: popsewing
Inspired cylinder bag DIY leather kit. Make a stylish cylinder bag with POPSEWING!
Ever want to make your own bag and experience some crafty things? Try this cylinder bag diy kit, you have all necessary tools to make it! No sewing experience required. The instructions will guide you step by step. • Order from • Quick shop link in my profile • Join us and have fun!