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an artist's rendering of the entrance to a building
New Looks at Huge Williamsburg Office Complex Designed By Gensler
a crowd of people sitting on top of a lush green field next to tall buildings
The Park at Rosemont
the inside of a shopping mall with lots of people walking around and on escalators
K11 Art Mall | Revolutionizing Retail Perspective | Guangzhou K11
an artist's rendering of people walking on the street
Make, Architectus’ $1b Sydney tower gains final approval
Wynyard Place designed by Make Architects and Architectus.
an artist's rendering of the inside of a shopping mall with people walking around
many people are walking through an indoor shopping area with plants hanging from the ceiling and suspended lights
herzog and de meuron munich funf hofe
people are walking around in the lobby of an indoor shopping mall with large mirrors hanging from the ceiling
オーストラリア・メルボルンの中心地に新装したショッピングセンターの環境デザイン。多民族文化が息づき、豊かな自然に恵まれた都市であること、そしてメインの通りをつなぐレーンウェイと呼ばれる路地から生まれる独自のカフェ文化や活気を、施設のあり方に積極的に取り込んだ。「Cultured Strata(文化の積層)」を大きなテーマに据え、「Synchronized Diversity(多様性の交差)」「Organic Transformation(オーガニックな変容)」「Matured Contemporary(成熟した現代性)」「Golden Surprise(ゴールデンサプライズ)」というコンセプトキーワードを設け、各ゾーンごとの素材やデザインに反映。この街に根ざしつつ新鮮さも加味した施設となっている。
people are walking through the lobby of a shopping mall
Floor Tiles, Bathroom, Designer, European, Marble, Benchtop Tiles Melbourne | Signorino
One of the gorgeous foyers to be found at Emporium Shopping Centre Melbourne. Featuring basalt natural stone tiles, complementing the travertine found throughout the centre.
the inside of a mall with people walking around
the interior of a shopping mall with people walking around
Home - Buchan
people are standing in line at the deli
【出張族必見】新大阪駅に“デパチカ”出現!? 関西新名物からちょい飲みまで - [関連画像]()
【出張族必見】新大阪駅に“デパチカ”出現!? 関西新名物からちょい飲みまで - 日経トレンディネット
people are walking through an airport lobby
Westfield - CADA Design