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a person is holding a wooden toy in their hand and some balls are on the ground
the diagram shows different types of legs and how they are used to make them stand out
Archery bows, Traditional archery, Recurve bows
a bunch of wooden sticks with black and white tips on them sitting next to each other
How to Make an Arrow: 2 Best Ways
a drawing of a large triangular ruler
How to make a DIY arrow spine tester
an arrow with a thermometer on it sitting in front of a blue sheet
New Spine Tester Design
a piece of wood that is laying on the ground
an easy board bow build, full draw pics added/i am going to attach pics again
Make A Walking Stick, Spirit Sticks, Handmade Walking Sticks, Wooden Staff, Woodworking Hacks, Walking Staff, Hiking Staff, Hand Carved Walking Sticks, Whittling Wood
How to Make a Walking Stick: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
a man holding an old wooden stick in his hands
Shillelagh Store
a diagram showing the parts of a sling for shooting arrows and how to use it
Slingshot - Wikipedia
an old necklace with two wooden beads on a white background, one is worn and the other has long braids
Native American Weapons: Bows and Arrows, Spears, Tomahawks, War Clubs, and Other American Indian Weaponry
Urban Survival, Survival Items, Survival Quotes, Survival Equipment
Weapons of Opportunity: How to Use Everyday Objects for Self Defense