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a bride and groom holding hands in front of other people at a wedding ceremony with pink and white flowers on the bouquet
Artisan Fleuriste Mariage - A Fleur d'Art
Artisan Fleuriste - Décoration Mariage - Bouquet
a glass vase with flowers and grass in it
composition - Closcrapflower
some candles are sitting on top of a white blanket with red berries and greenery
Leuchterleiste, biegsame Äste kaufen
a centerpiece with candles and greenery on a table
Christmas Centerpiece / XL Christmas Centerpiece/ Holiday Centerpiece / Mantle Decor / Table Decor / Silver Poinsettia Christmas Centerpiece - Etsy
four candles are lit on a moss tray
DIY: hübscher länglicher „Adventskranz“ mit Moos und Kugeln (Deko-Kitchen)