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a bulletin board with words written on it that read, probability and likely certain impossibleible
Our Probability Unit: worksheets, activities, lessons, and assessment
Nice idea for sorting probability statements.
two hands holding four pieces of paper with question marks on them and the words, probably probably probability
Probably Probability
Mensa for Kids has a series of upper elementary/middle school lessons and activities on probability.
the cover of math academy's let's go to the mall, with hand holding shopping bags
Home - The Actuarial Foundation
In this unit for grades 4-8, students learn and reinforce skills for building, describing and using numerical operations to determine combinations and permutations.
two people standing in front of a whiteboard with writing on it and one person holding a marker
Scholastic MATH | The Real-World Math Magazine (Grades 6-9)
In this unit for grades 6-8, students learn and reinforce skills for strategies to identify favorable and total outcomes; calculating simple and compound probability; sampling and proportions and using probability concepts to solve real-world problems.
a book cover with different colored glassware in front of the words, math academy are you game?
Home - The Actuarial Foundation
In this unit for grades 3-6, students understand and apply concepts of probability while playing games to determine fairness.
a paper with some writing on it that says, probability the science and study of the changes of an event occurring
Here's a nice anchor chart on probability.
an open notebook with some writing on it and a basketball ball in the middle of it
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Here's a sample notebook page on probability.
a fun and engaging game that helps students learn numbers
Here's a great game for introducing ideas in probability.
a worksheet with the words probably in it
Probability: Jelly Beans | Worksheet |
Here's a simple page of probability questions.
the desert data worksheet is shown in pink and white with black lines on it
Here's an introductory probability lesson that uses spinners.
a brown paper bag sitting on top of a table
Probability Bags
Here's a simple idea for making and using probability bags in your classroom.
a sign that says, free probably math centers blank word walls 3 math centers over three levels
FREE Probability Math Centres/Centers from Bayside Math Teacher on (9 pages)
Here's a set of three different probability centers with matching word wall cards.
there is a web page with horses in the background and words welcome to harley downs
Child’s Mathematics Skills - Big Ideas Math Answers
Here's a SMARTBoard activity that uses a horse-racing theme to look at the probability outcomes of rolling two dice. Includes handouts for students.
a card game with two dices and one ball on the opposite side of it
Formative Assessment Lessons
Here's a set of materials for analyzing probability statements. Includes lesson, rubric, and student materials.
an event diagram is shown in the form of a plot
Here's a graphic organizer on the probability of an outcome.
an advertisement for the spring word problems solve and snap contest with two eggs in front of them
Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans | Teachers Pay Teachers
Here's a set of "Solve and Snip" word problems for probability.
two worksheets showing different types of coins and what are the differences between them
probability task cards
Here's a set of 34 question cards on probability. Available from ProTeacher, you must login to download. (Membership is free.)
a computer screen showing an image of a man fishing
Here's an activity where students generate fractions based on experimental probability and then use these data to estimate probable numbers of animals in a pond.
a frog with the words probability pond on it
Page Not Found |
Here's a cool web site for working on a number of probability concepts.
an image of a computer screen with buttons and graphs on the bottom right hand corner
Science NetLinks
Here's a tool for looking at probability online. Determine how many marbles of each color are placed in a bag and how many marbles are drawn. The results will be displayed in a bar chart, bar graph, and pie graph.
two hands are playing with letters and numbers on a board game that is being played by children
Data Analysis & Probability Games
Here's a set of resources for using everyone's favorite chocolate coated candy for studying probability.
a worksheet with numbers and smiley faces on it
Here's a simple game for learning about probability.
two people are sitting at a table playing board games with dices on the tray
Two-Dice Toss Activities
Here are a number of probability games using dice.
the presidential probably worksheet for students to practice their money and counting skills
an open box with instructions on how to fold it
Math Stations....Making It Work
Here's a nice foldable focused on probability terms.
the worksheet is shown for students to use
Worksheets, word lists and activities. | GreatSchools
Here's a page where students plot the answers to questions on a probability line from 0 to 1.
Here's a set of monster-themed spinners for use in data collection and probability activities. Third Grade, Numeracy, Educational Resources, Teaching Ideas
The Hands On Teacher in Second
Here's a set of monster-themed spinners for use in data collection and probability activities.
the bear race worksheet for students to practice their numbers and counting skills in order to
Lesson Plan - Resource Not Found
Here's a page with a number of activity ideas and downloadable resources for studying probability.
a black and white image of a snake's tail with the words heads + tails on it
Coin Flipping Activities
Here are a few coin flipping activities for studying probability. Love the game Heads & Tails played on a snake!
an image of a bag with legos in it and the words what's in the bag?
three small pictures with dinosaurs on them sitting on a table next to the words year to learn blog
Spin a Frame Probability Math Activity
LOVE this idea of using a Spin a Frame for probability activities. Directions and recording sheet included.
a money bag with peanuts spilling out of it and the word station on top of it
We've Moved!
Here's a packet of station activities for studying probability.
a printable worksheet with the words possible, impossible and an image of a person
Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons
Here's a set of statements and sorting mat for working on probability.
an image of snakes and letters on the back of a bookmark with words that spell out
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Here's a whole class probability game similar to skunk.