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four different colored teddy bears made out of clay and paper machs with autumn leaves in the background
a poster with german words and pictures on the back side, including an image of a nose
*Werbung* Für den Klassenrat konnte ich hier sehr viele Ideen sammeln z. B. bei @woermsel @freulein_hygge und @grundschulkrusch. Vielen…
paper snowmen with hats and carrots in front of a window
three candles are on the windowsill in front of some green trees and one is made out of stained glass
the words are written in different languages
Aushang zur wörtlichen Rede - Frau Locke
a table with numbers and pictures for different things to see in the picture on it
Lernwörterübungen für zu Hause (materialwiese)
two different types of words are shown in the same font and numbers on each side
Der Satz des Tages in der Grundschule
bulletin board with german words on it and buntings hanging from the wall above
Der Satz des Tages
a bulletin board with various words and symbols on the front door to an office building