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a black and white photo of a donkey looking at the camera with its eyes closed
To know her is to love her
To know her is to love her. Courtesy: Linda Carson, 7 Miles South of Nowhere, New Mexico (USA).
a giraffe is looking up at the camera
Courtesy: Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF), Animal Action, Athens (Greece).
Courtesy: The Donkey Breed Society. Crockham Hill, Edenbridge, Kent (UK). Donkey Breeds, Yard Animals, Donkey Art, Kent Uk, A Donkey, Hobby Farm, The Donkey, Hobby Farms
How to advertise an item - The Donkey Breed Society
Courtesy: The Donkey Breed Society. Crockham Hill, Edenbridge, Kent (UK).
a white horse standing on top of a snow covered field
Do these icicles make my ass look big?" Courtesy: Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm. Martin, TN (USA).
a black and white painting of a donkey's head
Courtesy: © Jasper Hulshoff Pol, Herveld (The Netherlands).
a donkey standing next to a person wearing a red shirt and blue jeans with trees in the background
Magic Sam!!! Courtesy: Lavender Dreams Farm & Donkey Rescue, Spokane, Washington (USA).
a close up of a donkey with trees in the background and grass on the ground
Nome: Cuca. Cognome: A Serena. Data de nascimento: 11/04/2003. Local de residência: CVBM, Atenor. Ocupação extra-pastoreio: Cuidar da sua cria, o Jeremias. Habilidade especial: Guarda-costas da amiga Dália. Courtesy: AEPGA - Associação para o Estudo e Protecção do Gado Asinino, Atenor (Portugal).
the nose of a cow looking at the camera
Vereniging het Nederlands Ezelstamboek
Courtesy: Vereniging het Nederlands Ezelstamboek, BJ WASSENAAR (NEDERLAND).
two baby donkeys standing next to each other
Amigos del Burro
Cortesía de Amigos del Burro, Coordenadas GPS: N 40º 37' 26" - W 3º 40' 48", Madrid (España).
a stuffed animal with a red shirt on it's face and legs, sitting against a white background
Courtesy: Katherine Dunn / Apifera Farm, Oregon (USA).
a woman is petting a donkey on the nose
Our rescue donkeys stay with us for the remainder of their lives needing much care, safety and support. You can help us keep them happy & safe and support our work by becoming a lifelong friend to your chosen donkey. Courtesy: Agia Marina Donkey Sanctuary, Heraklion - Crete (Greece).
two donkeys are standing in the brush near some trees and bushes with yellow flowers
"They were exciting to see. How wonderful to see them wild and doing so well." Courtesy: Marjorie Farabee, Wild Burro Protection League, Texas (USA)
a donkey laying down in the grass
Continential Donkeys - Miniature Donkeys
Courtesy: Wayne & Joan Schuetz, Continental Farm. Washington, IN (USA).
a small donkey standing on top of a dry grass field
Almost wordless Wednesday
Courtesy: The Equestrian Vagabond, Merri Melde.