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an empty room with wooden floors and large open windows overlooking the ocean on a sunny day
an empty room with wooden floors and skylights on the top of the roof is seen in this image
Fonte Da Luz / Barbosa & Guimarães
the inside of a building with glass walls and wooden flooring is seen through an opening in the roof
Foto-, Film- und Event-Location • Hamburg/Jork
an empty room with large windows and wood flooring on the walls, overlooking mountains
Wintergärten + Glasarchitektur | Sunshine Wintergarten GmbH
an empty loft with wooden floors and exposed beams, stairs leading up to the second floor
an empty room with white walls and wooden beams
an empty room with wooden floors and white walls, windows and skylights in the ceiling
07/2012 | Fertigstellung Dachgeschossausbau im Frankfurter Westend | CBA – Clemens Bachmann Archite… | Dachgeschossausbau, Dachboden-renovierung, Design für zuhause
an empty room with wooden flooring and large glass doors leading to the roof area