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This gift set includes two signature designs: (1) Anaïs Man Candle & (1) Venus Candle, both in Sculpture White. About Anaïs Candle Anaïs Candle started as an inspiration to combine European art and sculptures with home decor. We love having pieces like this in our homes that just fill the room with dreaminess. We spent months researching and refining the handcrafted candle-making process with local artists from New York to create the one-of-a-kind Anaïs Candle. We chose all-natural, non-toxic in

Zephyras Room, Rookwood Castle

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a close up view of pink mushrooms with their tops turned to show the texture and color
Natron als effektives Mittel gegen Blattläuse und Pflanzenpilze
four books with flowers in them sitting on a table
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the flowers are blooming in the dark
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some white flowers sitting on top of a couch next to a mirror and wallpaper
a white bowl filled with pearls on top of a table
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