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an old fashioned photo hanging on a wall with some dried flowers and other things in front of it
Awakening moments 2
Thinking about pics of my own family and how much I would love them if I did a treatment like this.
an old family tree with many different people
Family Tree and Genealogy Blog
Family Tree...great heritage page
an old photo with the caption for john clark's 1st cousin
John Clark
John Clark...sweet childhood page with beautiful photo framing.
an old fashioned photo hanging on a wall with a ribbon and tag attached to it
Følg hjertet ditt
Heisann:) Nå er det lenge siden jeg har blogget, men nå skal jeg prøve å være flinkere til å bruke bloggen min igjen. Jeg har laget...
the front cover of an old - fashioned book with pictures of people in formal dress
two hats are sitting on top of each other with keys attached to them and some key chains
Ruffles and Steam
a collage with an image of a boy and hot air balloons
Time Flies *DT Maja Design*
"Time Flies". These are great hot air balloons.
a close up of an open book with pink ribbon on the front and back cover
I want to create this into a stamp collection folder so that I can see at a glance what stamps I have.
a collage of photos with the words taschieln album bastelln
Material & Werkzeug -
Kleines Fotoalbum selbermachen, DIY für ein Leporello, Geschenkidee für die beste Freundin / best friend giftidea: how to craft a mini photo album via
a bunch of binders that are on top of a book case with some clips in it
18. Geburtstag
Hier ist es in der letzten Zeit etwas ruhiger geworden, aber manchmal gibt es andere Dinge, die (fast) die gesamte Aufmerksamkeit erfordern...
a close up of an object on a table
Фото 836248505466 из альбома Все что нашла в интернете и меня зацепило.. Разместила Наталия Ерохина в ОК
What a cover
a scrapbook page with an image of a woman in blue and white flowers on it
They call me the scrapnut.
very nice ... love the blocks of grey patterns and the flowers. Nicely laid out!