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Vintage, Wool Felt, Wool Crafts, Wool Projects, Wool
Workshops - Tylar Merrill
Kimono Top, Women's Top
Nuno Filzschal Arbeitsschritte
a felt heart sitting on top of a table
Nadelfilzen – Filzen mit Ausstechformen - Anfänger Anleitung
four different colored hair pins with googly eyes on them sitting on a wooden surface
a hand holding a flower that has been dyed orange and green
Filzanleitung Tulpe mit Blatt und Stiel
a woman is working on an art project with felt and yarns in the shape of animals
Clothes, Clothing, Upcycle Clothes, Costura, Moda, Sewing Fabric, Patrones, Upcycle Sewing
выкройки для валяния
an octopus lamp hanging from a tree branch in front of a white wall and ceiling
a needle - felt doll hanging on a green plant with snowdrops in the background
Schneeglöckchen – Fee aus Märchenwolle | Liebseeligkeiten
the needle is being used to make an embroidered flower on a small square piece of felt
Tutorial: Seife einfilzen - leicht gemacht :-)
three lights are hanging on the wall next to each other with plants growing out of them