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Café in Paris
an old brick building with christmas decorations on the front and windows, along with other buildings
an outdoor fruit stand with bananas, pineapples, and other fruits hanging from the ceiling
Welcome TrekEarth users! - FlyerTalk Forums
a store front with lots of meat hanging from it's windows and plants in the foreground
a store front filled with lots of food
an entrance to a store with potted plants in the window and stone building behind it
Almond paste cookies with pine nuts and the Rivoire in Florence - Juls' Kitchen
a store window with many items in it
Finding Neverland — my-british-blog: The Oldest Sweet Shop in...
the entrance to a barbershop in an old european building with wood trimmings
F&O Fabforgottennobility
there are many old wooden boxes on the street outside this storefront that is open for business
Old shop in Aix
an old woman sitting on a chair in front of a storefront with many items for sale
Wassef Silver Co.
a store front with flowers on the side and a cart in front that says laduree
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