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a white building with two arched windows and a door in the center is decorated with gold trim
a white building with red shutters and two brown doors on each side, surrounded by stones
Wanderparadies Unterengadin: unsere Wandertipps rund um Scuol
an arched wooden door with decorative carvings on it
Entrance of an Engadin house decorated with Sgraffito ornaments from the 17th centuary, Samedan, Engadin, Grisons, Switzerland Stock Photo - Alamy
a person is painting on the wall with a paintbrush and an acrylic brush
Graumalerei / Grisaille
an old building with two windows and a clock tower in the background
CH-7477 Filisur: Dorf mit Kartoffeln
an old window with blue shutters and white trim on the side of a building
Bauernhaus • Bilder & Ideen
a white building with windows and decorative tiles on the side of it's wall
an orange window with wooden shutters on the side of a white wall and brown trim
Sign in
an old white building in the middle of two buildings
Home - Stiftung Ferien im Baudenkmal
the side of a building with three windows
Lüftlmalerei - Ostfassade