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three brown envelopes with pink and green candles in them
Volles Glück voraus
three tags are tied with twine on a table next to a potted plant
six white candles with writing on them sitting in a wicker basket next to each other
several white candles with different types of writing on them and wine glasses next to each other
six white candles tied with twine on top of a wooden table next to pine cones
Wasserschiebefolie auf Kerzen ➤ Mehr auf
two wooden candlesticks sitting on top of a table
a white heart shaped dish with a black spider on it's side and the words, me sishn passe es dich git
Kerzenbrett zum Muttertag
a white plate topped with a candle and flowers
a candle that is sitting in a cup
an old suitcase filled with different types of candles
Set van 2 kaarsen in kerstsfeer, met Oude Bladmuziek of oude/antieke boekfragmenten + bedel.
three candles are wrapped in twine and decorated with holly leaves
Deko hatten wir schon lange nicht mehr