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a man standing in front of a small cabin on top of a mountain at night
Wochenendhaus: Origami in den Anden | Baublatt
Ferienhaus: Origami in den Anden
a large white house with lots of windows
Whatever Works
Ferienhaus - mit Dachbegrünung. Eine gute Idee!
a house that is covered in snow and has two windows on the side of it
Ein wunderschöne Berghütte
Ferienhaus - einfach und doch luxuriös. Ein wunderschöne Berghütte
a black house with lots of windows in the grass
Auf Augenhöhe mit der Natur
Ferienhaus - in Augenhöhe mit der Natur
the house is made out of wood and has large windows on each side, while it's lit up at night
Wohnhaus am See von m3 Architekten | Einfamilienhäuser
Ferienhaus - am See
a small white house sitting on top of a dirt field in front of some trees
Ferienhaus - CUBIG Holzhaus
an inflatable bubble house on a wooden platform surrounded by trees
Ferienhaus - very unsual Sleep in a Bubble
three different views of a house in the woods, with people sitting outside and inside
6 Pictures of a Beautiful Cabin in the Woods Built for $500, Made from Discarded Windows
Ferienhaus - aus Sperrmüll!
a small cabin in the middle of a forest
Wie können Sie eine Veranda bauen – Anleitung und praktische Tipps
Ferienhaus - Holzhaus im Wald
the inside and outside of a house that has been built with different types of materials
Atemberaubende Luxus Chalets für Winterurlaub in der Natur
Ferienhaus - als Chalet
a modern house on the side of a hill with grass and trees in the background
Minihaus, architekturbox - St. Primus (A)
Ferienhaus - Treppenbau
a wooden structure sitting on top of a sandy hill next to grass and trees in front of it
Trends & Inspiration
Ferienhaus - am Strand
people are standing on the rocks in front of a tall building with wooden windows and balconies
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