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an autumn scene with colorful trees surrounding a lake
Ferienhaus - Beautiful!
a house on the shore of a lake surrounded by trees
Ferienhaus - Just beautiful!
a snow covered road with a white house in the background and trees on either side
reposée - Freizeitimmobilien mieten, tauschen & teilen!
Auch die "kalten Tage" können sehr reizvoll sein. Vor allem wenn die Location stimmt...
a small pink house in the middle of a lush green yard with trees and flowers
Ferienhaus - märchenhaft schön!
a person standing in front of a small house with grass on it's roof
Habitat Nature on Twitter
Habitat & Nature auf Twitter: "Parc national de #Vatnajökull, Islande 📷 Tanja Le #islande #toitvégétalisé #nature https://t.co/NsKr2XlpcC"
the sun is setting over some water with trees in the background and a person on a boat
reposée - Freizeitimmobilien mieten, tauschen & teilen!
Ferienhaus - an der Alten Donau. Die letzten Tage mit Sonnenschein...
white flowers growing on the side of a black house with steps leading up to it
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Ferienhaus - traumhaft schön!
a cottage with flowers in the foreground and clouds in the background
Wochenendhaus - English Style
a white house with a thatched roof next to a wooden fence and flowers in the foreground
Wochenendhaus - soooo idyllisch!
the sun is setting over a lake with trees in front of it and water below
reposée - Freizeitimmobilien mieten, tauschen & teilen!
Wochenendhaus - am See im Herbst