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an old paper with the words this sentence has five words
This Sentence Has Five Words: A Lesson from Gary Provost on Varying Sentence Length
a television screen with an image of bookshelves in the background and a quote on it
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Kluger Spruch.
an image of a book shelf full of books with the words tsundoku written in japanese
"Tsundoku" is the lovely Japanese word every bibliophile should know — I Love Nature
some type of text that is in two different languages
Fragments of Sappho, circa 630 - 580 BC. Follow my instagram for more: archives - iFunny
a sign that is on the side of a book shelf in a store reading how to book shop with a bookworm?
September Fury Recap || Viral On Twitter (!!!) + Got A Box Of Dragons + Why Is It Nearly NaNoWriMo (Paper Fury)
the pie chart shows where books are in yellow, blue and pink colors with words do i need more books?
a piece of paper with a quote on it that says library is a hospital for the mind
schicksal & zufall
mind-hospital...und ausnahmsweise fühlen sich viele wie beim Starbucks, einfach nur wohl!
the comic strip shows how people are talking to each other while walking down the street
- wheresmybubble: Happy World Book Day!
New post on perpulchra
a chalk board with writing on it in front of a store
What a tender world that would be
#lesen #Zitat #Sprüche #Spruch #Literatur #Bücher #Bücherliebe #Buch #Buchhandlung
a quote that reads, friend how long does it take you to fall in love? me oh a couple of characters usually
100 Funny Reading Quotes You Just Have To Read
100 Funny reading quotes You Just Have to Read 35