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three small wooden houses sitting on top of a table next to a vase with flowers
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Deko-Objekte - Holzhäuschen mit Pünktchen - ein Designerstück von nostalgie-in-holz bei DaWanda
a group of wooden houses sitting on top of a mantle next to a window with fall leaves
an abstract painting with red, black and white colors on the outside of two buildings
She Turned Her Grief Into Gold
three wooden houses with windows and doors painted on them
Stimmungsvolle Holzhäuser als Weihnachtsdeko * woodenhouses
Ideas and Inspirations: Holzhäuser * woodenhouses
an oil painting of a red boat in the snow with houses behind it and a roped off fence
Gallery - David Smith - Scottish Artist
a block of blue soap sitting on top of a white surface
Ippodo Gallery Exhibitions
Katsuya Ohgita
an altered collage of a girl and her cat with words written on the side
three sculptures made out of wire sitting on top of a snow covered ground next to each other
three homes
three homes. constructed with wire, stories, thread, concrete. Ines Seidel
wooden crosses are arranged in a white box
*woodgoods* ieder huisje heeft zijn kruisje :)
small wooden buildings are arranged in a circle
Wooden town
Wooden town by Lizzy Stewart.
a small building made out of clay on a white surface
Nina Hole
three ice cubes sitting next to each other on a white counter top, one blue and one brown
Bernard Dejonghe
a small white object sitting on top of a table
Small houses - porcelain
an old blue and brown box sitting on top of a white table
Casa azul, Ximena Ducci, Chile little art house
a group of small houses sitting on top of a counter in front of a window
two small wooden houses sitting on top of a white table
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Hand Painted Wooden Houses Ornaments Copper Mint set of 3 Rustic
an abstract painting with houses and numbers on it
Textile Art with thanks to Lou, Study Resources for Art Students, CAPI…
some wooden houses are on a shelf with magnets in the shape of house numbers
Knutsels van Jolanda. Huisjes steigerhout.
three small black houses with chalkboard sayings on the front and back, each painted in different colors
Tekst borden
three pieces of pottery sitting next to each other on a white surface with one piece missing
several small wooden houses sitting on top of a black shelf next to a white wall
three blue glass blocks with buildings in the background and snow falling on them, all against a white backdrop
Scene in Segments by Jeremy Lepisto
three small houses with people in the middle
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morgan contemporary glass gallery - Images for Mikyoung Jung - Life Long…
three wooden houses with hearts painted on the sides and polka dot ribbon tied around them
created by af-ge-ZZZaagd!
a small blue house with a white heart on it's roof tied up to a string
Houten huisjes
two wooden houses with arrows painted on them sitting in front of a silver bowl and plate
Houten huisjes black&white Made by HippeHuisjes
a wooden bowl filled with white cubes on top of a wooden table next to two small houses
Schaal Hout XXL