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three pieces of fabric are being sewn together to make an origami doll
Bebes Waldorf para decoração
three little dolls are laying on some leaves
Einrichtungsideen für den Herbst: Mehr Farben #håndarbejde
a small stuffed gnome sitting on top of leaves
#Fieltromanualitäten - Nadelfilzen Ideen
two little white angel ornaments hanging from a christmas tree ornament on a pine branch
AdventsBlogHop Türchen 21
a hand holding a tiny stuffed animal in it's palm
Spící ořechy
Malá myška spící ve skořápce z vlašského ořechu.
a note with some rocks on top of it
DIY Bilderrahmen zur Hochzeit – Schön bei dir by DEPOT
2. Schritt DIY Bilderrahmen zur Hochzeit
four pictures of sheep in the grass with flowers
Tilly Tea Dance
Shropshire-based textile artist and tutor Maxine Smith
a small snowman ornament is held in someone's hand with a needle
Wool Weekend: Needle Felted Acorns DIY Tutorial
Someday when I learn how to felt roving I would love to make this!!!
the doll is made up of pink wigs and long blonde hair, along with other dolls
פיות בסיס
two tiny white mice sitting on top of someone's hand
Felt Projects