~i had a king in a tenement castle, lately he's taken to painting the pastel walls brown. ... ..
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a blurry image of a woman walking in the woods
a path leading to a tree on a foggy day
Sombre by Oer-Wout on DeviantArt
an old room with many drawers and bottles
Victorian Laboratory/Study XVIII
Victorian Laboratory/Study XVIII | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
the sky is reflected in the water and it looks like clouds are floating on top
The Mouth of Krishna - Photographs by Albarrán Cabrera | LensCulture
Albarrán Cabrera
an old photo of a man sitting in the middle of a field
© probably Léonard Misonne - pictorialist ca. 1910, Harvest, multi exp
black magick photography - Google Search Art, Pop Surrealism, Pin Up, Art Photography, Portrait, Occult Art, Occult
black magick photography - Google Search
an old photo of two sheep in the woods, one is looking out from behind bars
Lars Henkel
an old black and white photo of some kind of church altar with candles on it
The Cloud of Unknowing
The Cloud of Unknowing
an empty room with windows and bars in the floor is shown at night, while light shines on the walls
a black and white photo of clouds over a country road
The French Alps
Holga Landscape Jia Han Dong @Smithsonian Magazine