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a drawing of a man holding a tennis racquet
AP Studio Drawing High School Art Concentration
a black and white drawing of a person's feet
High School VASE — Search 2008 State Results
by Hannah Lander - This would be a great high school lesson on foreground, middle ground, and background
a painting of an american flag with mountains in the background
Artists of Arkansas and beyond
"The Great American Landscape", Jody Stephenson
the fish is sitting on the brick floor and looking at the hole in the ground
The Frog in the Well
Perspective - So much more fn for middle-school students than the traditional 'draw a building' perspective drawings!.
a black and white photo of a cat pointing at the camera with its paw up
Vaders fist
there is a skeleton holding a lantern on the ground
SVS - Painting in Photoshop POWER DAY! Online Live Classes digital painting Photoshop illustration children's book class art lessons tutorial character development drawing backgrounds - see our upcoming classes and get a live critique from working professionals. October, Halloween, Skeleton, Scary, Haunted, Black Cat, Lantern.
two giraffes standing next to each other on a field with mountains in the background
perspective, overlapping, distance. . .
the moon shines brightly over the water and trees at night, with no leaves on them
The Thrall by Geoff Coleman - Landscapes | Redbubble
The Thrall by Geoff Coleman - Landscapes
two hands reaching out to touch another hand
Good and different perspective
an abstract drawing with lines and shapes in black and white, as well as the image of a person on a skateboard
black and white photograph of dog on leash in front of brick building
dog as a gaurd a symbol of toughness deeper depth of field
six ways to create the illusion of space
Video Tutorial: The illusion of space
There are six easy ways to make our three-dimensional drawings and give the illusion of depth and space; through these six tips we could see through the history of art and discover how artists have…
a person drawing something on top of a white board with black and white writing in it
Six ways to create the illusion of space
Six ways to create the illusion of space
someone is drawing something in the middle of a room with blue and white lines on it
How to Draw a City with Dramatic Perspective: Step by Step
How to Draw Buildings and Skyscrapers using One Point Perspective to create the illusion of looking up at the tall buildings in a City. A simple step by step art video.