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two vases made to look like they are standing in the grass
My Tiki boys
there is a pot with rocks and a house on it
Glue Pebbles And Moss To Old Terra Cotta Pot To Transform It Into A Quirky Fairy House
a potted plant with eyes and tongue sticking out
a bed with a wooden headboard and foot board
New Project - Co-Sleeper - MiniMotives
The best-selfmade-Ibiza-style-gift- home style-wrapping-ideas-inspiration-Black-natural-diy
a wooden pen holder with pencils sticking out of it's sides and inside
Pen holder carved in solid wood [620x1000] [OC] [OS]
two different views of the inside of a concrete block with lights on it and in between
Original Furniture, Art, & Decor | Wescover
several knives are hanging on the wall next to some hexagonal pieces that have been made from wood
Pusslingsbara knivhållare & knivlister i trä | Ola Särén
some yarn is sitting on top of a table
DIY Dollar Tree Mop Gnomes! Adorable + Inexpensive!!
How to make dollar tree gnomes using mops