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a home office with bookshelves, desk and computer on the table in front of large windows
Modern Findings
Awesome - I bet the acoustics would be interesting!
two polar bears are floating in the ocean with ships and stars on their backs as they look at the moon
Bears star by ~ArtGalla Go North, Young Man...
three different types of liquor bottles lined up
Reclamation Etchworks Creates Modern Spirit Decanters From Recycled Glass Bottles
Great stuff, need several!
a ladder is in the middle of a kitchen with baskets on the floor and shelves below it
Look at these great stairs - no wasted space.
two children are climbing up the stairs in a house with bookshelves on either side
Half library, half slide, 100% awesome:
Combination Library/Slide - awesome.
the inside and outside of a tree house
Madison Street Beauty (madisonsbeauty) - Profile | Pinterest
Tree House - I've a friend who lives in the woods around Tigre, Argentina in a space not much larger. This would be perfect down there!
the wine rack is made out of black plastic tubes and holds two red bottle holders
Winehive - Black WineHive 3 Units | VAULT
there is a staircase in the house with bookshelves
Library stairs... breathtaking
an overhead view of a parking lot from above
Daily Afternoon Chaos (35 Pictures) |
a couple getting married on top of a building
We enjoy getting to know and photographing engaged couples from Santa Barbara to San Diego
Rooftop wedding - brilliant!
the inside of a kitchen with white cabinets and an upside down spiral staircase in it
Wine Cellar - the coolest I have ever seen...