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a garden filled with lots of potted plants
Garden Visit: ‘Love and Care’ in Florist Gabriela Salazar’s Flower Garden
Up in the mountains, in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, is a cut flower garden that grew from necessity. Gabriela Salazar started it to ensure she could have instant access to local and seasonal flowers for her floral designs. Her tiny home and her floral studio share land with her garden. “I couldn’t see my work […]
a person standing in the doorway of a building with green plants growing out of it
Before & After: A Barren Courtyard Transformed Into an ‘Intimate, Green, and Cozy’ Urban Garden
Earlier this week, Remodelista readers were treated to a tour of a row house in Ghent that was was formerly “charmless” and now fresh and chic thanks to its resourceful new owners, Arthur Verraes and Kelly Desmedt, who did much of the remodeling work themselves. Today, we’re visiting the elements that make the outdoor space […]
a woman wearing a hat standing in the middle of a field with wildflowers
Quick Takes With: Lindsey Taylor
We’ve enjoyed garden designer Lindsey Taylor‘s way with both words and flowers since 2013, when she was a contributor to this site. Recently, we admired her rambunctious cinderblock garden, teeming with tough, hard-wearing beauties, in Newburgh, NY, where she’s based. And just this past fall, we were captivated by her new book, Art in Flower, […]
the garden is full of white flowers and greenery
Designer Visit: Sheila Jack’s White Garden in West London
A career in art direction is a useful grounding for anybody wishing to go into garden design. Sheila Jack’s career shift was not so much a break as a continuum—of research, editing, and presentation. Before designing the pages of Vogue magazine, her first job was for the architect Norman Foster, and these visual strands from […]
an urban garden in front of a brick building with lots of greenery and trees
Garden Visit: Mindful Neglect in Lindsey Taylor’s Rambunctious Cinderblock Garden
“You have to be a tough to be allowed in.” Lindsey Taylor is explaining how she decides which plants to grow in her cinderblock garden, which is located in an old mechanic’s lot that she’s transformed into a thriving urban garden in Newburgh, NY. “I don’t have a lot of time to care for it, […]
an outdoor garden with lots of plants growing on the walls and around it is dirt path
9 Ideas to Steal from the 2024 Chelsea Flower Show
The one certainty at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is an endless stream of covetable plants and clever ideas—this year there’s heaps of innovation as designers lead the way in rethinking materials, construction and how to create resilient, future-proof gardens. Here are a few of the ideas we took note of at the 2024 show. […]
white flowers are growing in the grass near trees and bushes on a dark night time
The Maestro’s Return: Tom Stuart-Smith at the Chelsea Flower Show
This week, as the Chelsea Flower Show goes viral on every media outlet, we take a look at Tom Stuart-Smith, the comeback—after an absence of 14 years. A super-heavyweight of British garden design, Stuart-Smith’s show resumé describes his work as combining “naturalism with modernity, and built forms with romantic planting,” before reminding us that one […]
an outdoor kitchen with potted plants on the outside and brick walkways leading up to it
8 Ideas to Borrow From Buchanan Studio’s Whimsical Urban Garden
Angus and Charlotte Buchanan—the co-founders of London-based creative design studio, Buchanan Studio—both grew up in the English countryside. Angus has vivid memories of entire seasons spent outdoors: “My parents are quite relaxed and bohemian,” he says. “They created this entire outside world.” Charlotte is more direct: “Your mother is a die-hard romantic who is incredibly […]
a living room with green couches and potted plants on the coffee table in it
Vego Garden’s Raised Beds and Planters Are Stylish, Sustainable, and Safe for Growing Veggies
Gardening should be as easy as playing in dirt. But if you’re a beginner, you may be intimidated by the seemingly limitless options out there: what to grow, which tools to buy, how to build a raised bed, and so on. And if sustainability is a priority (and it should be for everyone), there’s the […]
a woman standing in front of a fireplace with her arms crossed and looking at the camera
Quick Takes With: Deborah Needleman
Chances are high that over the last two decades, you’ve been influenced at least once by Deborah Needleman, even if you’ve never heard of her. At different times over a long stretch starting in the early aughts, she helmed three of the most influential trendsetting publications in the country: domino (which she founded), followed by […]
an outdoor garden with rocks and plants in the foreground, surrounded by greenery
Required Reading: ‘Visionary’ by Clare Takacs with Giacomo Guzzon
In the introduction to her epic new book, Visionary; Gardens and Landscapes for our Future, photographer Clare Takacs admits that in 2021 she set out to shoot only 30 to 40 gardens across the Mediterranean for the book. Instead the project, co-created with landscape architect Giacomo Guzzon, turned into an odyssey of sorts, with almost […]
two people standing in front of a small greenhouse
Ideas to Steal: 8 Tips from Leslie Needham on Designing Gardens that ‘Blur the Edges’
This is part of a series with Perfect Earth Project, a nonprofit dedicated to toxic-free, nature-based gardening, on how you can be more sustainable in your landscapes at home. “A garden needs a heartbeat,” says Leslie Needham, founder of her eponymous design firm in Bedford, NY. And Needham will be the first to admit that […]
three people standing next to each other in front of plants
Quick Takes With: The Terremoto Team
Terremoto is a 26-person landscape architecture studio with offices in northern and southern California, and today, we’re fortunate to have three of them respond to our Quick Takes questionnaire: co-founder David Godshall and landscape architects Diego Lopez and Dawn Wang. “Our work is an intentionally eclectic mix of residential, cultural, and oddball institutional work, and […]
a woman standing in front of a door holding a bowl full of plants and smiling
Garden Visit: At Home with Landscape Photographer Caitlin Atkinson
For years I’ve marveled at (and been envious of) the work of photographer Caitlin Atkinson, who captures gardens, interiors, and still lifes with a serene, dreamy, almost ethereal feel. She is a master of catching the sun as it shines soft and warm, as it creates glowing halos around plants, highlighting and hugging simultaneously. Caitlin […]
an empty field with several trees in it
A Garden From Scratch: How to Plant for Success (A Case Study)
So you’re finally ready to plant up an area of your garden. How do you ensure you’re giving your plants the best possible start? In part 5 of my series on making A Garden from Scratch (scroll to the bottom for the other installments), I look at one border in my own garden and explain […]