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They've got the moves. ('Cast your dancin' spell my way, I promise to go under it.')
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a statue of a woman with her arms out and hands in the air, on a gray background
The Dance of the *Now Moment*
Dance Sculpture From An Ancient Classical Civilization
a bronze statue of a woman holding a snake on top of a base with a green background
Serene serpents with bite
an image of a woman dancing in the air
Anything Goes - Celebrating the 20s
Pierette postcard 1920s
a statue of a woman with her arms in the air
Journal of a Nobody
fourteenth: Ancient Greek terracotta statuette of a dancing maenad, 3rd century BC, fromTaranto.
a man and woman dressed in old fashion clothes
Tonight during swing I learned how to shim sham. I'm in love!!!
a woman in a long dress is dancing
prisca B. foto
prisca B. foto flamenca LEONOR LEAL
an old drawing of three people holding each other
Good, clean fun (before the wife swapping).
an ancient sculpture with two men and a dog on it's side, in the middle
The Ancient World
Satyr and Maenad, terracotta, 17.5” h, Augustan period, c. 31 B.C. - 14 A.D.(Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
a statue of a woman wearing a headdress and holding a fan in her hand
Art recently added - ArtStack - art online
Fan Dancer . Art Deco
a drawing of a woman with long hair in blue and white dress holding a fan
The Artist's Wife Art Print by Egon Schiele at
a woman in white pants and a sombrero is dancing
Visit Cuba Vintage Travel Poster
Visit Cuba. From the Cuban Tourist Commission, circa 1950. This vintage Cuban travel poster shows a woman dancing while shaking maracas. Illustrated by Conrado Walter Massaguer. Some versions of this
an old comic book page with a woman dressed as a witch and man in costume talking to each other
Comically Vintage
Vintage Comic, Pop Art