Hints, glimmers, ironic grins, smirks, amused pouts, full billion candle power sunbursts. They're all here.
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an older woman wearing a colorful dress and head scarf sitting in front of a wooden fence
Happy colourful woman of Ghana (by Alan1954)
a black and white drawing of a woman wearing a large hat
John Singer Sargent's Mrs. Charles Hunter (mug)
John Singer Sargent - Mrs. Charles Hunter
an old woman with freckled hair and wrinkles on her face is smiling
Not all interesting people have to be rich or famous !!!!!! Photograph Untitled by Lee Jeffries -
Senegal Smile Charles Bukowski, 인물 드로잉, Smiles And Laughs, People Of The World, Just Smile, 인물 사진, Happy People, Smile Face
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Senegal Smile
an old man with a hat and beard in watercolor on paper by the sea
Ted Nuttall | Watercolour painter
Ted Nuttall ~ Figurative Watercolour painter
a drawing of a woman's face in black and white, with her hair pulled back
John Singer Sargent...he was very talented at sketches too. She is beautiful More More
a drawing of a man with long hair
Portrait of a Young Man (The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection)
Portrait of a Young Man, Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Italian, 1630 / Red and white chalk
an old drawing of a woman's face
Портрет Сюзанны Фоурмен (ок.1620) (Вена, Альбертина)
Портрет Сюзанны Фоурмен (ок.1620) (Вена, Альбертина). Peter Paul Rubens
a close up of a statue of a child
Wesley Wofford, artist, captured the mischief in this face.