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At Rock Solid Virtual Assistants we specialize in matching overworked business owners with supportive and highly skilled virtual assistants. If you are looking…
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Rock Solid Virtual Assistants are prepared to come alongside you in your daily tasks — whether they
How to tell you need a virtual assistant & 3 steps to help you get there!
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Interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant in 2023? Start the application process to become a Rock Solid Assistant when you visit our site!
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7 Traits of Amazing Virtual Assistants
After years of working with talented virtual assistants, here are the traits we see most commonly in all of them...
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Integrity In Virtual Work
A lot of trust goes into having a virtual team, and it is imperative that our people are representing the virtual industry well!
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3 Ways to Set Boundaries as a VA
boundaries, virtual assistant, va, entrepreneur
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Virtual Assistant, Should You Track Your Time?
Why it is important to track your time and other tips!
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@rocksolidassistants posted to Instagram: 💎 Please meet @missyemond, another of Rock Solid's incredible VAs! Missy, we're absolutely grateful that you're on our teams! 💎 Being a part of the Rock Solid team has been an answered prayer. I learned about them through a friend and I looked into them further. I was so impressed by their business model and core values. The process of applying to accepting the position was seamless! Rock Solid paired me perfectly with my client! They
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@rocksolidassistants posted to Instagram: I’m Lindsey Diggs, an Administrative Virtual Assistant with Rock Solid VAs. Working with Rock Solid has been amazing! The support, encouragement, and training provided through the RS community has inspired me to reach new goals and lean into my full potential as a VA. I enjoy flexibility and freedom in my work that I’ve never had before, and I love the options that are now open for me to better serve my family. Tracy and the RS team walked through ea
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Kingdom Entrepreneur, you need rest!
When our mindset shifts, we begin working with a mindset of rest, and our work then becomes an act of worship. Trust and obedience in the Lord now drives us rather than striving for results. We trust and obey as He leads, we lay down the unbelief-driven, overwork mindset and declare that God is our Provider. The results are now in God’s very capable hands and THAT is dependable.
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Work from a place of REST
Working with a REST mindset is not results-driven. It is obedience-driven. Simply put, it is an act of worship. Overwork is a form of unbelief or doubt. Consider where you've tripped over this thing. Say it out loud. Discuss it with God in prayer, repent, breathe! Follow Him.
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Rest - The Missing Piece to Entrepreneurship
If we’ve read all the things about rest and are still creeping up on burnout, then something isn’t working! Maybe it’s about more than “self-care” or “work smarter, not harder”? Perhaps we’re learning that the “hustle-and-grind” mindset only looks good when we’re scrolling by social media posts. Let's fix this and be the leaders we were created to be!
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⁣We understand how overwhelming and lonely the journey of being an entrepreneur can be. We are here to help lighten the load and to come alongside your business to see you succeed! Having to do it all alone is not the only option. ⁣You can have someone on this journey WITH you. ⁣💎⁣⁣You can go from overwhelmed & overworked to THRIVING in your business with one of our Rock Solid Virtual Assistants!
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Did you know that delegating tasks to your virtual assistant can actually make your business grow? When you start to effectively delegate time-wasting tasks or tasks you are simply not good at doing it frees you up to do the things you are AWESOME at! It enables you to have more free time to work in your zone of genius. AKA the business building aspects of your business! You are no longer caught up in the details. You have space to cast vision and do what you do best!⁣ 💎⁣ Ready to get
the words 10 marketing tasks to delgate to your virtual assistant
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I don't know about you, but its been a long week over here. I am signing out for the weekend to spend time with friends & family and I hope you are too! We owe it to ourselves and to them! I want us to be fully present and soak up every moment that I can. Work can wait right?!⁣ 💎⁣ Do you have any weekend plans? #Regram via @CRyrzDCN6F_