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a crocheted minnie mouse ornament hanging on a furry surface
Kreative Glückswürmchen | Gerade fertig gestellt...😍Köpfchen von Klara Preisser | Facebook
a stuffed cat sitting on top of a wooden table
Kreative Glückswürmchen | Ich kann es nicht lassen 🙈,… | Facebook
two crocheted dolls standing next to each other in front of a ball of yarn
Sorgenwürmchen - Worry Worms | Guten Morgen zusammen, | Facebook
a knitted doll riding on top of a small toy horse with a purple hat and tail
Sorgenwürmchen - Worry Worms | Heute mal eine Raupe von der Nadel gehüpft | Facebook
a hand holding a crocheted keychain with a ladybug on it
Sorgenwürmchen - Worry Worms | Mal ein kleines Kleeblatt🥰 | Facebook
three crocheted dolls are laying on the grass with one holding an object in it's hands
two crocheted dolls sitting on top of green grass
three small crocheted clowns are sitting on the floor next to each other
Sorgenwürmchen - Worry Worms | Nochmal Bücherwürmchen. | Facebook
several crocheted clowns are lined up on a table
Sorgenwürmchen aus Baden-Württemberg | mal ein paar clowns gemacht | Facebook
several crocheted toys are arranged on a white surface, with one toy in the middle
Sorgenwürmchen - Worry Worms | Diese Süßen haben mich in Regensburg in der Konradsiedlung gefunden | Facebook
a crocheted keychain with a stuffed toy hanging from it's side