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the process of making a business card with red string
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Corporate design letterhead letter business card logo bw black and white graphic minimal motion movie rope
multiple images of different types of boats in the water and one is floating on top of another
Thai Authority Restaurant
Thai Authority Restaurant on Behance by Agata Dondzik. I'm ready for Thai now PD
several different types of food are shown in this graphic design process, including pizza boxes and other items
Masha Solyankina; Real Men's Burger Bar #black #craft #branding #packaging #identity #restaurant #foodie #burger
several different types of signs are displayed on the wall in front of a store window
Meat Bread | #stationary #corporate #design #corporatedesign #identity #branding #marketing #logo #packaging #webdesign #type
an assortment of wood planks are shown in this graphic art workbook, which shows the
Zimmerei Pensold Branding and Web Design... - a grouped images picture
Zimmerei Pensold Branding and Web Design | #stationary #corporate #design #corporatedesign #identity #branding #marketing < repinned by | Take a look at
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of objects
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awesome #identity #packaging #branding
the website is designed to look like it could be used as a restaurant or bar
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Looks like it's Fitzgerald's for #lunch #identity #packaging #branding PD
an abstract image of black and white lines with the word gravity on it's bottom right corner
200 Years Coffee - Logo and Identity
200 Years Coffee - Logo and Identity by David Espinosa IDS
an image of the back side of a car
Dead Drops by Maria Grønlund, via Behance. Packaging and branding
many different types of papers are spread out on the floor and placed in front of each other
Vinczemill Identity
Vinczemill Identity by Cecília Pletser
an advertisement for skis and snowboards with the words kula written on them
Killa Production
Project: Killa Production branding | Designer: Nick Edlin
the logo for justina's kitchen is shown in three different colors and sizes
Branding and Responsive Web Design
Branding for Mexican Restaurant on Behance
the back side of a computer screen with different lines and shapes on it's sides
Personal Logo
Personal Logo on Behance