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there are three different pictures with words on them that say, turn this into this
Upcycle: Plastic food container = artsy bracelet
Green! Recycle those yucky plastic boxes! Did you know #6 plastic can be used for shrinky plastic?
several balls of yarn sitting on top of a table
Branch Weaving
"Branch Weaving"- looks fun and pretty- sounds like a nature walk about to happen. Then to find a corner in the house to fill with colourful branches!
an art project with string and wood in the shape of a tree, on display
30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design
a large metal tree sculpture in front of a wall
Driftwood - Shop Online
I like this idea. Easy, inexpensive and a nice wow factor.
there are many different types of televisions on this shelf
45 Craft Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell
42 Craft Project Ideas
an image of a stained glass panel with different colors and shapes on it, including green
Making the Most of Used Glass Bottles
stained glass using the bottoms of bottles/jars. -- one day I will do this!!
paper flowers are hanging from a tree branch
Book Page Garlands
Make garlands out of book pages to use in parties or weddings. Here's a tutorial for how to make a paper garland. Source: Etsy user lillesyster
a wind chime hanging from the side of a building
DIY Wind Chimes From Vintage Silverware (6 SUPER easy steps)
DIY silverware wind chime -
an image of different colored lines in the sky
How to Make a Wine Bottle Wind Chime: Simple Instructions
How to Make Wine Bottle Wind Chime, from
a man with his hands on his face and the words, some days i feel so trapped inside my own body there are many days i'm not sure if it's killing me or making one
You are in tangles. The web that you've woven has become too tight. You're trapped. Bounded together, yet trying to hold on strong. You are very much compacted. Stuck. Unable to move and change position. Lie after lie. It's tense. This spider has spun it's last web and you are now constricted. The poison seeps in.
a wooden pallet with two jars and a tree on it, hanging from the wall
This item is unavailable | Etsy
a clock with multiple pictures on it hanging from the wall
Shopping at Su Casa {Guess what I chose!}
Cool corner frames.
two glass bowls filled with wine corks next to each other
Ikea, John Lewis, M&S Or Tesco 2, 3 Seater Sofa Beds? BEST Fabric & Leather Sofa Bed Offers