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three pieces of art hanging on a wall in a room with wood floors and white walls
Hannah Waldron - Artist & Designer
a piece of art hanging on the wall next to a white wall with an orange and blue stripe
Maze weaving
three pieces of art made out of different materials
Allyson Rousseau — Prime 8 Art League
a green wall hanging with multicolored squares and fringes on the bottom, in front of a white background
completed - textiles, weaving, tapestry - adaolivehandmade | ello
the crafting supplies are laid out on the table next to the scissors and thread
Clear Stamp - Foliage - 12x12 - A Makers' Studio Store
a wall hanging made out of different colored circles and shapes on a white wall next to a potted plant
Color Moon phase wall hanging
three wall hangings made out of wood and rope with different shapes, sizes and colors
Leila Buffa — ARTEZANZ
an assortment of orange shapes on a marble surface
Make This Simple Clay Wall Hanging! | Collective Gen
a woman is holding a string with white circles hanging from it's sides and hands
16 Quick DIY Mother’s Day Gifts to Whip Up
three different pictures with the words diy decoration phases de linee on them and some rocks
#Tuto : Décoration "Phases de Lune"