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I know it's so typical, but I want to wear mock glass slippers on my wedding day haha


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This historic monument dates back to the twelfth century and is thought to be the inspiration for Prince Eric's Castle, given its lakeside location.
thursdays-at-the-coffeeshop:  Seaswans
Ektroma is the captain of his ship, bought with his own hard-earned (though perhaps not entirely legally gained) money. His crew is loyal to him, and he treats them well. His family taught him to be kind, but firm-- none would dare to betray him, and none think of it purely out of respect for him.


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Cherry Blossom Comb by kasiawisniewski on Shapeways
a man and woman are flying in the sky with their arms around each other as they embrace
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favorite princess
a painting of a woman in a green dress
Princess and the Frog
Princess and the Frog – Jennifer Collander
a painting of a woman in a blue dress holding her hand out to the sky
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Love Thaws a Frozen Heart / Elsa / Frozen / Frozen Picture / | Etsy
a painting of a woman in a blue dress
True Love
True Love – Jennifer Collander
a painting of a woman standing in the water
On the Edge of the Water
On the Edge of the Water – Jennifer Collander