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some food on a white plate next to a candle
Marmeladestangerl aus Topfenteig | Schürzenfräulein - Kochschürzen für Damen, Herren und Kinder
a plate full of rolls with meat and cheese on them, sitting on a table
there are many small pastries on the wire rack with text overlay that says quark - appelmus horchen
Quark Apfelmus Hörnchen - fruchtig und lecker
mini pizza cupcakes in a muffin tin with the title overlay above it
two plates filled with pastries on top of each other
Knusprige Nutellastangen aus Blätterteig
Warmer Käsekuchen im Bratapfel
three cupcakes with white frosting and cinnamon sprinkles on top
Gebrannte Mandel-Cupcakes - Nadine Burck
several muffins on a plate with one missing
a white plate topped with pasta covered in sauce and cheese next to a glass of wine
[Kooperation] Fettuccine mit Kürbis-Knoblauch-Sauce (Jules Kitchen)
a muffin on a wire rack with frosting and cinnamon rolls in the background
Zimtschnecken Apfel Muffins - Buttrig, zimtig und einfach!
mini cheeseburger - muffins on a cutting board with ketchup
1h 20m
Pizza Rosen - Super einfach, schnell und lecker!
an image of a pizza with different toppings in the middle and on the bottom
Schnelles Fingerfood fürs Silvesterbuffet: Hörnchen á la Flammkuchen. #happymottoparty Silvester - feiertäglich foodblog
chicken tenderies crispy chicken is an easy appetizer that can be made in less than 30 minutes
So einfach machst du knusprige Hähnchen Nuggets aus dem Backofen selber - fettarm und mega saftig
Outrageous Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Bombs
apples and cinnamon rolls on a black plate
Herbstglück pur: Apfel-Zimt-Knoten - Lavendelblog
a burrito on a plate with lettuce, tomatoes and other toppings
Big Mac Rolle mit viel Soße - Low Carb Rezept - Meinestube
two plates with sandwiches in them and sauces on the side
2h 0m
the pizza has been cooked and is ready to be eaten on the table with other food items
Pizza Hörnchen
a hamburger ring made out of paper on top of a wooden table next to an advertisement for cheeseburger rings
Leckerer Cheeseburger Ring
a bowl filled with fried food on top of a wooden table
Mini-Käsehörnchen Suchtfaktor (!)
3h 15m
some powdered donuts are on a white plate
Perfekte kleine Windbeutel mit Vanille-Füllung - Ina Is(s)t
an image of some food in a bowl
Parmesanchips mit Kräutern und Paprika
small black bowls filled with different types of dips and bread on a tablecloth
1 Grund-Dip | soooo viele Möglichkeiten
two cheese pizzas sitting on top of each other with the words knoblauch kassettangen above them
Knoblauch-Käsestangen - Giorvy
some muffins are sitting on a plate with the words omelet - muffins
Omlette-Muffins, Eier Muffins, Frühstück, Brunchen
many different types of pastries on a baking sheet with sesame seed sprinkles
Würstchen im Schlafrock von hustenbonbon| Chefkoch
three mini corn and tomato pies on a white plate with parsley garnish
Rezept: Pizzamuffins Hawaii - der Partysnack - Lavie Deboite
the cover of a cookbook with an image of some food in a wire basket
Bratwurstpralinen Rezept - Fingerfood ganz einfach und leicht!
two grilled cheese sandwiches stacked on top of each other
Hamburger-Sandwich vom Kontaktgrill
some food is sitting in a bowl on a table
Schneller herzhafter Snack: Käsefüße
some food that is on top of a plate and has been cut in half to look like pretzels
Leckere und schnelle Fingerfood Rezepte - das Beste für Ihre Gäste
mini spaghetti muffins on a plate with basil leaves
Spaghetti-Bolognese-Muffins: Tolles Familienrezept - MeineStube
some food is sitting on a white plate and ready to be eaten by someone else
Käse-Schinken-Ecken - Rezept mit Bild
appetizers sticks are arranged in a glass jar
Antipasti Sticks - raffiniertes mediterranes Fingerfood | Joyful Food
some food is sitting on a cutting board
Chili con Carne Partyrezept | – Kochrezepte, Saisonales, Themen & Ideen
Kartoffelpüree-Bällchen mit Käse und Bacon
two bowls filled with powdered sugar covered doughnuts next to pink tulips
10 Minuten Quarkbällchen mit Joghurt | Unalife