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a grove of white birch trees in the woods
35 Ideen für Birkenstamm Deko – bringen Sie die Natur in Ihre Wohnung
the sun shines through the trees and grass in this forest filled with tall birch trees
Birkenwald 3 von André Wagner - Limited Edition. Auflage: 75. Signiert.
André Wagner, Birkenwald 3, 2008 / 2010 © #Lumas
a fallen tree in the middle of a forest filled with green mossy rocks and trees
Landschaftsfotogafie, Naturfotografie, bezaubernde Natur. Naturbelassener Wald. Felsen und Baumstamm mit Moos und Farn. Zauberwald: Zwergenhaus?
moss covered trees in the woods with no leaves
Moss on Trees
Moss on Trees; magical!
yellow moss growing on the ground in front of a concrete surface with small circles around it
the sun is shining through some sheer curtains
positively positive
positively positive — september will be kind september will be rewarding
a red flower sitting on top of a table next to a glass jar filled with water
ehoradote: Jacques Henri Lartigue Opio 1963 -
a close up view of pink flowers on a white surface
Peony iPhone Wallpaper
#iphonewallpaper #flower #peony #peonies #pink #pretty #blogger #blogging #bloom #spring
a close up view of the wood grains on a tree trunk that has been split in half