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the storyboard shows how to draw a dinosaur
Süße und witzige Illustrationen von Liz Climo | Was is hier eigentlich los
Süße und witzige Illustrationen von Liz Climo | Design/Kunst | Was is hier eigentlich los? |
this is love xyrocin and the chemical formulas are written in pink
Hormone Testen Shop
Don't believe it... I'm sure serotonin is involved somehow, too...and dopamine... and maybe some norepinephrine... #oxytocinlies
a small white dog holding a red toy in it's mouth
That sure looks food... why not!
a man standing in front of a facebook page
When you see it... - Funny
three images of the same whale with different words on it's face and head
BluePassions: Fotoğraf
I just had Justin Timberlake's Strawberry Bubblegum playing in my head when I saw this. Too bad the last frame wasn't a bubblegum being popped. Ruined my song.
the comic strip shows how cats are talking to each other
Static Shock by mikiko-art on DeviantArt
Poor Emi is so confused each time this happens. :I [Note] Emi is not declawed, that's illegal in Germany as it's animal abuse. Emi doesn't scratch me because she understands that claws hurt a...
an apple logo with the words turtle apple painted on it's side and underneath
Turtle Apple #turtleadayjune - @turtlewayne- #webstagram
many different pictures of people and their names
Mama vs. Papa
Mütter vs. Väter - kann ich zu 100 Prozent unterschreiben. :D #funny #pic #parents #eltern
a small white rabbit sitting in a shopping cart with carrots in it's basket
Oh My God This Bunny Rabbit Is Using A Tiny Shopping Cart
many different colored plates are stacked on top of each other in the same pattern as they appear to be floating
Sehr coole Idee und ganz einfach ;) #weloveLindaupark #Valentinstag2016