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an empty shopping cart sitting in the middle of a parking lot
"Urban Hacking" Sommerakademie mit Florian Rivière in Hamburg (Freiplatz zu gewinnen)
children climbing on a rock wall with their hands in the air
Singapore-based landscape architecture team joins Henning Larsen | Henning Larsen
there is a building made out of colored streamers in the grass with trees and bushes behind it
Le Pamphlet | Public space society
a man throwing a basketball up into the air in front of an orange shipping container
Il fascino del vago
Il fascino del vago
two girls are swinging on ropes in an indoor area with other children and one girl is smiling at the camera
rope forest – A little cheese and danish with a side of bratwurst
a man standing in front of a tall pile of colorful sticks on the floor next to a woman
an empty parking lot with yellow lines painted on the ground and a trash can next to it
Abfall: Luzern will den Spieltrieb wecken
Hopscotch your way to the garbage. Creative campaign in Switzerland to take action against littering.
several people laying in hammocks on the ground with trees and grass behind them
Instalación en un parque Italiano
Installation in Italian Park
two people sitting in red hammocks hanging from the side of a tall building
Hector Zamora
several children are sitting in a hammock on the ground near a tree and fence
cantilevered platform netting = giant hammock!
two people walking across an empty street in the middle of town with yellow stars painted on it
Account Suspended
TheCityFix Mexico | Sustainable Urban Mobility
an aerial view of a person walking down a sidewalk with yellow lines on the ground
A Game That Lets You Swing Trash At Your Friends
Games painted on the street