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pine cone ornaments are hanging from the branches
šiškáčci – Potvor - pomáhat tvořit
Weihnachten | Basteln | crafting
two painted plates sitting on top of a wooden table with trees and houses in the background
a hand holding a wooden ornament with two birds on it
Wood Ornament | Hand Painted | Owls | Handmade | Christmas
These two owls are looking for a new home to hang out in! Perfect gift for any person who loves owls! (Indoor use) All the rocks that I use are from the great Pacific Northwest! Every rock I find is unique and therefore every rock that I paint is one of a kind! These hand painted river rocks are great for home decoration, desk decoration, planter boxes, a wonderful addition to any gift basket, or simply use as a paperweight! All of my rocks are painted with care by hand with acrylic paints. The
six wooden plates decorated with owls and christmas tree designs on the side of a wall
a pair of hands holding pine cones and knitted mittens with pom - poms hanging from them
pink pine cones with small dolls on them
a red tray with blue sprinkles on it and a plastic container in the background
Kid Made Christmas Ornaments
a glass angel ornament hanging from a tree with other ornaments in the background
an angel doll with golden hair and gold wings holding a pine cone in its hand
a hand holding a beaded snowflake ornament in blue and silver
Basteln mit Pfeifenputzer für Weihnachten - 8 einfache DIY Dekoideen