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a living room filled with furniture next to a staircase leading up to a loft bed
the sliding barn door is made out of wood and has metal bars on each side
a living room with white walls and wooden flooring next to an open closet door
#ikeahack #schiebetür
a large wooden door sitting inside of a living room
ONE BOARD BASIC Schiebetür aus Eichenholz, Live Edge, Farbauswahl
an open door in the middle of a room with black and white checkered flooring
Schiebetüren: So integrierst du die praktischen Türen!
a white dresser with some writing on it
two vases sitting on top of a wooden shelf in front of a window with blinds
Kamer en suite is weer in
a living room with green walls and pictures on the wall above the white couches
Atemberaubende Bilderwand Naturposter roter Hirsch weiß grün Interieur Eichenrahmen
a bench made out of wooden slats on a white surface with green trimmings
BLENDWERK’s Radiator Bench and Bedside Table